Forgotten Hero

This is the for the Degree-Me-Bih repository! The main goal of this project is to develop a 2D platformer using the Unity Game Development Engine and as such will be using C# scripts and the Unity Development Environment to create the project. In order to get started with installation, compilation, and testing, there is not much set up needed. All that is required is to have a text editor or IDE that supports C#, such as Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider installed and the Unity development environment version 2018.4.11f1 or newer installed. You can then clone this repository and edit the project and create any builds of the project using Unity's built in build function.

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Mysterious Guide in Level 1
Collecting Gems and avoiding traps in Level 1
Checkpoint in Level 1
Battle in Level 2
Jumping pillars in Level 2
Skeleton Boss Level

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